Our Way to deal with DNA Actuation

Visionary Music make sound ‘soundscapes’ in view of directed data planned to actuate the maximum capacity of human darin the wondrous body human, the “twofold snake” DNA strands inside the core of every cell, whenever extended start to finish, would be north of 125 billion miles in length. This biotechnology contains more than a hundred trillion times as much data as our most complex stockpiling gadgets. DNA is made out of a hyper complex language inside the 2 genomes and their reinforcement duplicates contained in every human cell. Inside the genomes, the double lace DNA twists around itself framing 23 chromosomes in two sets. The complete hereditary data, inside these designs, is a succession of north of 6 billion base sets or 12 billion “letters.” The code for the proteins and catalysts, the qualities, addresses generally just 3% of the planned human genome. The capability of the leftover 97% is at this point obscure to regular science. We accept that the recurrent successions of this 97% contain coded data to develop the enthusiastic design of the body human, soul in structure.

 It is our earnest goal to enact this lethargic data through the higher vibrational energy of sound to tweak the Life wave

Music, sound, adjustment, frequencies and vibration are basic components exuding “past” and through the center level subatomic of this degree of the real world. We are energy creatures made out of different frequencies that network together to frame the matter that we call the human body. A lot bigger piece of what our identity is exists in the non-noticeable, etheric domain of energy. What we know to exist in the domain of 3D reality likewise exists in higher octaves of Light. These interpenetrating layers from the physical to the etheric and inaccessible out into the Widespread Unity and interface us to All That Is.

These DNA Compact discs were made with the plan to interface these universes into one complex experience

To make a smooth, consistent change from one to the next – to fabricate the recurrence maps inside this tremendous multi-faceted region we call consciousness. A portion of the sound examples in these Discs reverberate on certain levels with the extraordinary energy lattice that is “you” right away, while different segments might be somewhat all the more a test to coordinate. This is as it ought to be, as we are enacting first level transformative codes inside the DNA. Development, by its actual nature, isn’t consistently what you anticipate. This music might appear to be basic or perplexing, cadenced or surrounding, outsider or heavenly. We can guarantee you that it is a reflection and festivity of you, a gift from the most profound degrees of what your identity is, what you want at this stage in your turning out to be, so take the path of least resistance with a feeling of experience. The Albums are made out of a few interestingly directed ventures mixing words, serenades and insistences imaginatively woven into soundscape embroideries.

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